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The Bellevue Community League boundary encompasses both the Bellevue Neighbourhood and the Virginia Park Neighbourhood as well as Borden Park, much of the Northlands property, and Concordia University of Edmonton’s campus. Wayne Gretzky Drive separates the two neighbourhoods and runs through the middle of the community.
The northern boundary is 118 Avenue, and the southern boundary runs along the top of the North Saskatchewan River valley. Running north to south, 67th Street forms the border with the Highlands Neighbourhood/Community, and the western edge is a zig-zagging line that roughly follows 78 Street.

Contact the Board

To reach someone on the Board of Directors, email hello@bellevuecommunity.ca.

Bellevue Community League Board of Directors 2017-2018

Bellevue Community League Board of Directors 2017-2018

Bellevue Board of Directors 2017-2018: Back (L-R) Rick McAdie, Ed Boraas, Conrad Siegers, Geoff Lilge, Brian Finley; Front (L-R) Jeremy Fritsche, Kyla Fisher, Erin Armstrong, Ericka Chemko, Jo Nuthack, Judy Nuthack


Brian Finley

Vice President
Conrad Siegers

Jo Nuthack

Ed Boraas

Social Director
Erin Armstrong

Sports Director

Program Director
Geoff Lilge

Membership Director
Judy Nuthack

Facilities Director
Rick McAdie

Civics Director

Community Safety Director
Kyla Fisher

Communications Director
Jeremy Fritsche

Seniors Director
Brian Finley

Past President
Ericka Chemko