Bellevue Historical Mural Project Needs Feedback

The Bellevue Community League has received a grant to commission and install a six-panel mural on the front of Bellevue Community Hall as part of a Heritage project to celebrate the 95 year history of the Bellevue Community League. The murals convey significant historical events since 1925. Not only will they preserve our history, the murals will provide a bright and beautiful facelift to the hall.

A first draft of the drawings that will eventually become the mural have been prepared by Artist Lorraine Shulba, and are ready for community viewing and feedback.

The City of Edmonton requires community feedback for this project before giving approval for the mural’s installation, so please take a look at the concept drawing and provide your feedback either by commenting here or on Facebook, or by emailing the Bellevue Historical Mural Project Committee at bellevuehistoricalmural@hotmail.comMuralLayout_InColour_LShulba.

Panels 1 and 2 represent the mines in the river valley, and historic homes in the community. The 2nd panel represents the old street trolley that once ran on 112 Avenue with the old East End Park rollercoaster in the background.

Panels 3 and 4 represent the Borden Park bandshell and music events, the old hockey rink at Bellevue Hall, and the old Bellevue General Store that once appeared on 112 Avenue and 72 Street (before the freeway was built in 1970’s).

Panels 5 and 6 show Virginia Park Greenhouse, dances at the Bellevue Hall, Concordia College (now Concordia University of Edmonton), the Northlands Race Track with fireworks in the background, swimming at the Borden Park Pool and balloons representing the celebration of our community league’s 95 years.

Once the concept is approved, the plan is for the murals to be painted and installed on the front of Bellevue Community Hall in September.

Please take a moment to look at the drawings and send us your feedback!

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  1. Vibrant colors, different aspects of the community are represented – racing with Northlands, Virginia Park Greenhouse, Bellevue Hall, Bellevue skating rink, Borden Park bandshell and the music, mines in river valley, historic homes, old rollercoaster from Edmonton Exhibition, 112th street trolley, fireworks at Kdays, dancing from all dance clubs at Bellevue (since 40’s), children playing in water, Bellevue General Store (that once was before freeway built in 1970’s), Concordia University, and our lovely beautiful community demonstrated so colorfully, passionately and full of life!! Excellent sketches!

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