Virginia Park Street Lights

It’s time to vote on decorative street lights. Fill out your response and submit it by November 11.

The Virginia Park Decorative Street Light Committee asked the City to proceed with an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the black octagonal poles and Heritage Arms (see photos above).


  • Complete and submit the EOI as soon as possible, no later than November 15, 2017. The Virginia Park Committee will begin going door-to-door in late September to follow-up with those who have not yet responded.
    • Drop off at the Bellevue Community League mailbox (7308 – 112 Avenue)
    • Scan and email it to
    • Call the committee to come collect it from you.
  • Check the “yes” box on the EOI if you want decorative poles: 50% + 1 property owners must respond positively for this initiative to succeed. If you do not submit your EOI, it will count as a “no” vote.
  • Talk to your neighbours to remind them to vote and to promote support.
  • Contact the committee if you did not receive, or have misplaced, your EOI.
  • Contact the committee to volunteer to help get EOIs completed. Communities who have not gone door-to-door have failed in getting enough votes for decorative lights.



Phone: Shauna Richard or Fernando Candido – 780-239-2453 or 780-474-7242

“Building Great Neighbourhoods” handbook