Vintage Characters

Welcome to the Society of Vintage Characters!

Vintage Characters is a seniors group created to support seniors by identifying activities, stimulating involvement and reinforcing the notion that seniors are a valued part of the community.

Created in 2018 and currently numbering 35 members, it would be fair to say that the group is still very much finding its way and defining its focus. Currently, however, we are intent on supporting opportunities for physical activity, visitations to points of interest in the Edmonton area, interaction with community and ultimately, travel beyond the Edmonton area. Consideration is being given to our organization becoming an advocate for seniors. This would involve identifying seniors’ issues and determining the appropriate avenue for advocating on these issues.

The Society was approved for a casino in 2019 and we have now received these funds which will significantly subsidize planned seniors’ trips. We are in the process of planning our first trip which will take place in 2020. In addition the group is planning on donating $5000 per year to a charity of our choice.

We are open to feedback, ideas and expressions of interest in becoming a member. For further information please contact Gerry Hofs.

President: Gerry Hofs 780-474-5150 or 780-554-2412 (Cell)
Vice President: Dave Colburn 780-964-9252
Secretary: Marcella Gibbs 780-471-4116
Treasurer: Michael Rezko 780-452-6135
Community League Liaison: Brian Finley 780-504-6161


We will be volunteering at the Edmonton Food Bank – 11508-120 Street on January 8th from 1 to 4 PM.


For those who helped to make our casino such a success please celebrate with us at Sorrentino’s Little Italy – 95 Street & 108 Avenue
Wednesday January 8th, 2020.