Keep Eastglen Pool Open… Again.

Four times in the last 5 years, the City of Edmonton has threatened to close Eastglen Leisure Centre. The first happened in 2015, then again in 2018, and again in 2019. In 2020, it’s happening now during a pandemic and attached to a council agenda loaded with budget cuts. 

Bellevue is now working with Oliver and Queen Alexandria Community Leagues to help keep ALL of Edmonton’s Public Pools open. Big thanks to Highlands Community League and Joe Hewko’s team (representing Eastglen Pool) for all of their support.

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The Last Public Hearing:
December 3, 2020 at 9:30a.m.

The City Council Non Statutory Public Hearing – Fall 2020 Supplemental Budget Adjust is the last time you’ll have your say to keep these public facilities open. 

You can watch the Public Hearing live at


  • Bellevue and our supporting community leagues are scheduled to speak on Panel #3. Throughout the day there are several people speaking-up to keep our public pools open, so tune in often.

What Can You Do?

If you are concerned about the City closing Eastglen pool, there are several things you can do:

  1. Send an email or letter to ALL council members – especially our Councillor Tony Caterina BEFORE December 3rd to tell them why Eastglen should not be closed. We recommend copying all Councillors. See City Council Contact List below.
  2. Sign up to speak to City Council during the Public Hearing on December 3rd.
    — Here’s how to register to speak. City Clerk Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Attend the hearing on December 3, 2020.

What can you talk about at the meeting and in your message to City Councillors?

NOTE: If you are contacting City Council or wish to speak in public, please be courteous and represent the community well, but don’t be afraid to express your passion and support for Eastglen Leisure Centre.

Key talking points:

City Counsellors value the health of our citizens and communities. There are also important long-term strategies set by the City of Edmonton that would by count-intuitive to closing ANY PUBLIC LEISURE CENTRE.

Explain to your city councillor why you think closing these facilities works in complete opposition to the city’s long term vision for our communities.

TALKING POINT #1: Health Benefits

  • Why do you use the Eastglen Pool? The Eastglen pool offers health benefits unavailable to citizens if a closure occurred.  Some examples are Saltwater Therapeutic Swimming, a sense of community for mental well being for patrons, with several examples of patrons who will require expensive knee surgery or other medical intervention if they are unable to access the facility for their health needs.
  • The relatively low cost to maintain the facility falls far below the cost of negative health implications that would burden both the City and Province if the community becomes neglected and the facility closes.

TALKING POINT #2: Edmonton’s Walkability Strategy

The City’s recent proposal is perplexing, considering the City was consulting and engaging the community until September. Until now, the community has not been involved or consulted in this new closure proposal.

The vote to close Eastglen Pool goes before City Council December 9th and 11th.

More information

Learn about Eastglen Leisure Centre and the other public facilities being closed:

What are other Community Leagues doing?
  1. Presentation slides
  2. Recording of presentation
  3. Online Survey
  • Oliver Community League is looking for feedback through an online survey


Tony Caterina (Ward 7)
Tel. 780-496-8333

Mayor Don Iveson

Additional Councillors you can add to your email:

Ward 1
Andrew Knack
Ward 2
Bev Esslinger
Ward 3
Jon Dziadyk
Ward 4
Aaron Paquette
Ward 5
Sarah Hamilton
Ward 6
Scott McKeen
Ward 7
Tony Caterina
Ward 8
Ben Henderson
Ward 9
Tim Cartmell
Ward 10
Michael Walters
Ward 11
Mike Nickel
Ward 12
Mohinder Banga