Save Gold Bar Park

As a community connected to the river valley, we support efforts to preserve and protect this beautiful natural area we are so lucky to have in our city.

If you’re interested in protecting Edmonton’s river valley, please follow the work of the Save Gold Bar Park Alliance –  a strong and united voice who is committed to ensuring that the new South Sanitary Sewer trunk line is constructed to the appropriately located Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Treatment Plant.

You can follow and get involved with the Save Gold Bar Park Alliance in these ways:




Get involved – public meeting on September 30

We can’t pick up and move the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant today, but what we can do is learn from the mistakes of the past to enable a better future.

We can follow a long-standing plan to transition current and future sewage volumes from the non compliant, urban located, Gold Bar Park Facility and direct them to the fully compliant, and appropriately sited, Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Treatment Plant.

On September 30, 2019, City of Edmonton administration has been directed to report back to City Council, and the citizens of Edmonton, on options to ensure that the decision for the destination of the SESS trunk line is made with transparency, city council oversight and public input.

We hope you will set time aside in your calendar to attend the September 30 city council meeting and be part of our democratic process.

Even more important than the decisions we make, is the process in which we use to make those decisions.