Historic Resources

BCL origin summary
“Bellevue got its start as Virginia Park Community League in [1920]…During the 1930s…the coal mines were closed and the miners and their families moved away. …Hence, it was not until 1940 that an independent league was formed in Bellevue and then by a circuitous route…”

Club Room – Rules and Regulations (source unknown)
“Club Room to be available anytime to Community Members in good standing, except on days designated for smokers or other special functions – a sign will be posted to notify these events.”

December 1958 Indenture of Lease

April 1959 Constitution

December 1959 Loan Particulars
“Our new addition, the outside of which has been completed, will give us a ground floor hall, with a capacity for about 500 persons, and a full basement. Ten Thousand dollars will finish the inside completely: the electric wiring, the heating system, and the plumbing.”

May 1966 Correspondence regarding incorporation

September 1966 Bylaws

November 1966 Correspondence regarding incorporation

January 1967 Indenture of Lease

Bylaws, April 18, 1967

April 1967 Bylaw Registration


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